Wildseed Studios is

a multi-award-winning studio producing both animated and live action scripted content for kids and young adults. We also work as an incubator investing time, money and expertise into developing the most exciting emerging talent we can find anywhere in the world. We then look to partner with premium platforms to take ideas from this talent to the next level.

Latest News

Wildseed Studios & COVID-19

We are fortunate to have been able to keep working this year by reacting quickly and decisively at the start of the pandemic For our animation shows we were quickly able to set up our colleagues to wo…
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Incredible Ant – International Trailer

We are very proud to have been one of the producers with Atomic Cartoons of this show for the Alibaba Group and showrunner Li Cheng. Bringing back together many of the Counterfeit Cat team from the UK…
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The Darkest Dawn on Looper

Very pleased to see The Darkest Dawn featuring in this new video from Looper – ‘Alien Movies On Netflix That Should Be Required Viewing’ – we think so too!
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Ilkley-shot short film gets US premier

A BRITISH slapstick comedy masquerading as a French crime drama, Revénge à Paris follows a young woman as she swaps the mundanity of working in a café for a new life in the crime-ridden Parisian un…
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If you are a creator with an idea you think we should hear then we have a formal submissions process. Check on the current status of submissions to Wildseed Studios below or check out the shows we have already commissioned.

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