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Wildseed Studios invests directly into piloting ideas from creators, with further investment available for ideas that connect. We look for ideas in comedy, genre fiction and kids 6-11. Once we have piloted an idea, we either grow the franchise ourselves or seek premium platform partners with who we can grow the project. To date Wildseed have published about 20 new IP’s and have achieved a 50% third party pickup rate.

Latest News

Counterfeit Cat

Disney XD is launching its brand new animated comedy series Counterfeit Cat, which follows the adventures of Max and Gark. Gark is not a real cat, he’s a Counterfeit Cat. Counterfeit Cat is co-produced by Wildseed Studios and Tricon.

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Wildseed Comedy

To help bring an audience to the comedy shows we have commissioned and created thus far we created the Wildseed Comedy channel – a bespoke comedy portal with a highly engaged audience across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and more. We are in the process of raising funds to develop this community further, if you are an interested business, please get in touch.

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Startoon - Calling all Canadian Animators!

In the simplest terms possible: Startoon is an online talent show designed to connect to new creators and find new, original animated characters that could star in an animated series for kids aged 6 to 11. It’s a new way to make cartoons, and it’s backed by the Shaw Rocket Fund & Wildseed Studios! Website

Wolf Jenkins THE GAME!



If you are a creator with an idea you think we should hear then we have a formal submissions process. Check on the current status of submissions to Wildseed Studios below or check out the shows we have already commissioned.