Wildseed Studios is a next generation media company that works with digital first talent to create a new wave of entertainment hits. We invest in original scripted content in comedy (animated and live action), low budget genre fiction movies (sci-fi/fantasy/horror) and animated live and action shows for kids 6 to 11.

As well as investment we provide creative and strategic mentorship for the creators that we work with (where that is relevant to them) and distribution – either through our own Wildseed Comedy channels or via third party platforms.

We like to work fast, try new things and take risks so we work at lower budget levels to make that possible. The founders, Miles Bullough (ex Aardman and Absolutely) and Jesse Cleverly (ex BBC and Royal Court Theatre) are experienced media executives who are particularly engaged with the idea of developing original ideas with new talent and helping to take what they do to the next level.

Wildseed has invested in movies and our first film Hungerford has won multiple awards and its 19 year old director is the youngest on record to have their film screened at London’s National Film theatre. We have made multi-part comedy horror series like Phillip Human with YouTuber Paul Neafcy and bonkers animations like Wolf Jenkins with comedian Andy Needle.

We are also in production on a 52 x 11 minutes animated series for Disney XD called Counterfeit Cat which will start to air in 2016.

Contacting Us

The very best way to get in touch with us is hello (at) wildseedstudios.com. We will always get back to you.

And here is our address for snail mail and appointments:
Wildseed Studios, 5-7 Bridewell Street, Bristol, BS1 2QD

(Please don’t swing by unannounced. We’re very friendly but do drop us a line to arrange a meeting)


Wildseed Studios is currently not accepting new submissions. We have made more than 25 investments into piloting and developing new projects in comedy, genre movies and kids 6-11 to date - and have a large volume of projects in production and distribution.

As a result, we are currently unable to honour our promise to consider each submission carefully and give bespoke feedback in a timely fashion. We take this promise very seriously, and until we are in the position to honour it, we feel it is best to pause.

Ideas already submitted will still receive a reply. If you believe you’ve been missed – please email us for an update on your submission progress. If you want to be notified when submissions begin again – please sign up to our newsletter below.