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If you are a creator and you have an exciting, original, entertainment idea that you would like to get made, you could have access to one of our investments of up to £10,000.

It’s Wildseed’s mission to enable Creators to do great work, to take risks and be creatively brave. You will control your project creatively and we will work with you and use all our energy, skill and experience to try and help make your project as successful as possible – so that we can all share in any success that we are fortunate enough to generate together.

We are happy to work with companies who can do everything themselves, we are equally happy to be the production company and help creators to realise their ideas directly – we are also happy to broker relationships between creators and production teams and companies – for us it’s all about the ideas. We can worry about format, resources, techniques and platforms once we think we have helped you to nail your idea and make it as good as it can be.

Your project could be a film, pilot, web-series, app, game, book, live show; we believe that your project should live on the platform and in the format that is best suited to its strengths. Have a look on our shows page to see what we have invested in so far.

The areas we are focusing on creatively are:

• Character comedy (so, not stand-up or comedy quizzes)
We want to hear from people who have a funny character or characters who could one day appear in a sketch show format or have a show of their own on the an internet channel or TV. We are not looking for stand-up or quiz format ideas, great though they can be.

• Adult animation
We are looking for funny animated characters that can ultimately appear in an animated sitcom like Southpark or Family Guy. We are really focusing on the UK for this for the time being (as a market, not necessarily as a source of ideas). The US does an amazing job of producing hit after hit in the animated sitcom arena – we want to create one for the UK. Initially we want to create great characters and make shorts with them, (as Matt Groening did with the Simpsons), and get them out there online.

• Kids 6 to 11
We love this audience (and they are the comedy and genre fiction fans of the future) – so we are looking for characterful comedic ideas that appeal to this age-group, either animated or live action, for TV or web or games and apps.

• Genre fiction
We are big fans of sci-fi, fantasy and horror and we looking for the next Dr Who, Twilight or Paranormal Activity. We are looking for an idea with that can be piloted or tested at low cost and that will probably start on-line.

We really want to discover and help to grow great characters that an audience wants to ‘be or be with’ and we want great characters to be at the centre of every idea that we invest in.

We want our initial investment into your project to generate material that we can put in front of an audience to get a reaction. If your project makes a connection or impact with an audience, and we think it has the potential to be successful in the future, we will be ready to invest more to take your project all the way.

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