November 13, 2014

Wildseed, Velocity & SILDI


We are 4 days away from launching our first comedy series ‘Staff Room’ (#StaffRoomSeries) on our brand new Wildseed Comedy Channel on YouTube. (it would help us hugely if you would subscribe to the channel by clicking here – if you’ve done that already many thanks!)

Both Jesse (our Creative Director) and I have had busy periods in our lives before now. But last week, in what for me was a defining moment in our journey together as co-founders of this business, Jesse stood in the middle of the office (which had 12 people in it even though it’s only meant for 6) and shouted ‘I’VE NEVER BEEN THIS BUSY IN MY WHOLE LIFE EVER!’

We all knew what he meant. One of the key drivers in our business is velocity. We are small and we have huge competitors. We’ve read our ‘Sun Tzu’* and know we have use our size to our advantage. Moving quickly is something we can do that others can’t – and so we put a lot of energy into making sure we do just that. It’s very easy to slip into the habit of putting off till tomorrow the things that feel really, really hard to do today.

This means not waiting until everything is in perfect alignment and every single resource is in place – it means setting challenging deadlines and hurling intelligent energy at tasks to meet your objectives as best you can in the time available.

We debated whether to delay the launch of our Comedy and Sci-Fi Channels so that we had more time to get ready – we realised that we had enough time and enough resources to do the job that needed doing and that by delaying we would be making our lives more comfortable but not necessarily any better.

We have creators impatient to see their work up on the channel, fans that we have been teasing for months with the imminent launch of content, investors eager to see what we have been up to, parents who still don’t believe we have a proper job.

And so we invoked one of our mantra – S.I.L.D.I. – ‘Screw It Let’s Do It’ and decided to go live in November. We hope you like the Channel, we REALLY hope that you will subscribe to it by clicking here. Because we are publishing a new title every month we hope that very soon you will find something on there that really makes you laugh and that you will want to share it with your friends.

Tally-ho, see you on the other side.

* actually we haven’t, but we’ve read enough quotes to believe that we’ve read ‘The Art of War/Business’ from cover to cover.


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