January 23, 2014

Wildseed on the Road


Back from another pair of presentations, this time in Cardiff where we invited people to come and have drink with us and to hear what Wildseed is all about and what we are looking for.

We had great turnout at Porters– a perfect venue for what we were trying to do and one that creative folk in Cardiff know about and were happy to come to.

Before the Porters session, I was invited to talk to students at the University of South Wales – talking to students is something we love to do – and so I was able to make the Wildseed plea – ‘Please hurry up and make your personal film about loneliness, death and despair as quickly as possible and then get on with the important business of learning to create entertainment’. First and second year students tend to find this ‘joke’ funnier than third years!

As always, I learnt something myself doing these talks….

People wanted to know if we need ideas to come to us fully packaged with production companies or production teams already in place or whether we can accept ideas on their own and then figure out how to produce them afterwards.

It’s the latter of course but its not yet obvious from our website. We are happy to work with companies who can do everything themselves, we are equally happy to be the production company and help creators to realise their ideas directly – we are also happy to broker relationships between creators and production teams and companies – for us it’s all about the ideas. We can worry about format, resources, techniques and platforms once we think we have helped you to nail your idea and make it as good as it can be.

We also had a lot of people asking if ever needed folk to help us produce things either on a volunteer or paid basis. The answer is yes to both and the best way to hear about opportunities to get involved is to sign up for the newsletter and/or do the Twitter-Facebook thing.

Thanks to everyone who turned up in Cardiff – I was made to feel very welcome and I will be back as soon as possible – hopefully to come and see the event at Porters that I heard a lot about yesterday evening – Box Full of Comedy – sounds like fun!


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