December 2, 2014

What’s In a Name, Quite a Lot Actually



The film “Wild Seed“, starring Michael Parks is a little-known cult-classic from 1965.  We only discovered it recently and the fact that we share the name ‘Wildseed’ is a complete coincidence.

We would forgive you for thinking that the film was the source of our own name, because on further research, it turns out that the film’s story mirrors our own to an uncanny degree.

The Story of Wild Seed (The Film)

Wild Seed was produced in 1965 by Universal as part of its “new talent” policy, which permitted untried actors and/or directors a low-cost opportunity to prove themselves with a theatrical feature. It was produced in roughly three weeks on a shoestring budget, but a quick search on the Internet turns up a whole host of positive reviews from people who the film touched.

Brian G. Hutton was given his big-screen directing debut (he went on to direct, Where Eagles Dare and Kelly’s Heroes) and he cast Michael Parks (who starred in recent classics like Kill Bill and Django Unchained), as the lead – an anti-establishment individual – who befriends a young and impressionable travelling companion. He helps his companion, Celia Kaye, to achieve her goal and along the way they develop a relationship.

Sadly the film is hard to find online, but we love the idea Universal once had of finding, nurturing and developing the next generation of talent. So much so, that we have come up with a business model which pays homage to the ideal represented by Wild Seed.

The Next Generation Of Entertainment

Our drive and passion as a studio is to find, develop and deliver the next generation of entertainment. We are using methods similar to Universal’s own back in the early sixties, with the aim of quickly creating fresh, honest and engaging entertainment for audiences who are crying out for quality content on the next generation platform for entertainment delivery – the Internet.

We have just launched our first two channels, Wildseed Comedy and Wildseed Sci-Fi. Our first show, Staff Room, has already touched a number of people in a positive way and is building momentum online as more and more people tell others about their new find online.

Our next show, Ship Of Eagles, is launching this month and we are excited about the galactic possibilities it promises.

Both of these shows, and all that follow, build on the example set by Wild Seed fifty years ago. A lot has changed in the past fifty years and seemingly a lot has remained the same. We are happy to pick up the baton from Universal’s abandoned ‘new talent’ experiment – someone has to – and take our turn carrying it towards a finishing line that should never actually be reached.

2015 is going to be a huge year for us, and for all our subscribers, as we share with you all the Wildseeds of our efforts and the legacy of those brave film-makers at Universal fifty years ago.