February 10, 2014

We give the Spin Kick Bros a grilling


Get to know a little more about the Spin Kick Bros.

When did you first start acting/animating/drawing/making?
We started collaborating towards the end of university in around 2010 but I’m pretty sure we both started drawing and making things in our infancy. I have evidence.

What makes you howl with laughter?
Well-executed pratfalls. Tortured puns. Characters who are just really awful people.

What was the last book you read/ film you saw?

Martin’s last book: The Year of the Hare by Arto Paasilinna – a guy walks out on his entire life and goes on an adventure with a hare that he found.

Tom’s last book: The Scorpio Letters by Victor Canning – a misogynistic English writer tracks a misogynistic Italian blackmailer across Europe in the 1960s.

Last film for both of us: The Room (with a Q&A with writer/director Tommy Wiseau)

Do you have a recurring dream?

We both have a recurring sex dream about an owl. Martin had it first but then he told me and I caught the fever.

Do you collect anything?

Other people’s prescriptions.

Who or what inspires and influences you?

I think we’re pretty much influenced by any film or TV stuff so long as it has clichés and stereotypes that we can play around with.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be?

Martin: I’d be Bob Geldof and admit that any money I’d made for BandAid I spent on a sauna and having ribs removed so I could suck my own dick.

Tom: I would be Bono and I’d back up everything that Bob Geldof said.

Tell us something you like about working with Wildseed Studios?
They push us to make our ideas, stories and characters as well developed as we possibly can. They’re happy to take risks and to put a lot of faith in what the creators want to do. Plus they remember the names of our characters, which literally nobody else who’s ever given us money has ever done.


Would you like to ask them any questions? Leave a comment at the end, or write to us via Facebook or Twitter and we’ll seek a typically Spin Kick answer for you.

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