January 14, 2014

The first Wildseed Workshop


What a fantastic day we had on Saturday! It was our first event at the Arnolfini in Bristol. The incredible Laurie Hutzler ran a character mapping workshop which we invited you all to attend for free.

After an introduction to Wildseed from Miles and Jesse (which will be cropping up on our YouTube channel soon!) Laurie began to describe her way of creating a character, drawing on examples from the audience. We were all asked six questions about our own character, and one volunteer was then turned into a character with the opposite gender, and had their characteristics mapped out on the board!

The event by handing out some feedback forms – your responses were hugely appreciated. I was particularly fond of this response which described us as contagiously excited and giddy!






If you have any images, please do share them with us on our Facebook/Twitter.
Massive thanks to everyone who came, we hope to see you at the next one. To hear about our events first make sure you Join Us


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