July 2, 2015

Meet Harry Deansway


Harry Deansway is the creator behind our new series “Shambles” based around an actual live comedy night Harry hosts at the Aces and Eights bar in Tufnell Park. Shambles will be going live on the 9th July Watch the trailer here

Where did you get the inspiration for it?

As a very lazy man with little imagination when Wildseed approached me to make something  I thought what do I know? How to run a comedy night badly. In twelve years of promoting comedy I’ve learned nothing and always make the same mistakes. Things always go wrong and I am completely broke. Could we just film that I said? One year later here we are.

What’s the series about?

Throughout history there have been great works of art – book’s, films, paintings which are supposedly about something but when you look deeper into them they are actually about a whole lot more, life, love, the human condition. This series might be that, if not it’s about the comedy night I run in Aces And Eights called Shambles.

What made you want to make it? (both series 1 and 2) 

The pursuit of fame and fortune and a misguided desire to live on through my art long after I die.

What’s your history in comedy?

I have a long  checkered history in comedy. I ran the UK’s longest running nationally distributed comedy magazine The Fix which helped launch the careers of many of the acts you know and love today. It also bankrupted me and lead to me being sued three times. During that time I accidentally put the worlds biggest ever paedophile on the front cover, made the man who bought the Sooty franchise question his own existence and released an issue with Russell Brand on the cover but no interview with him in the magazine.
I’ve always promoted live comedy and am famous for not only supporting some of the biggest names in comedy when they got started but also owing them money.
In recent years I have stepped out from behind the scenes to in front of them and am now a Stand Up. I very rarely play to double figures, have had two terrible Edinburgh festivals, have had five paid gigs in two years and the only review of my as says I’m racist, it’s on the UK’s most popular comedy site Chortle.

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