Lone Wolves

Lone Wolves is an animated sitcom about an implausibly tough family facing life’s challenges one punch at a time. The show follows Boston and Mich, two feral teenagers and their single father Ham, a hard drinking ex-biker with good intentions but a bad rap sheet.

Ham tries his best to bring up his boys with a strong moral code – albeit one that often requires them to burn down liquor stores, kidnap representatives from social services or put bear traps in the kid next door’s tree house…

Despite Ham’s questionable parenting style – the challenge of raising your kids against all odds provides Lone Wolves a bizarrely endearing family dynamic in amongst the constant mayhem of the Wolves’ lives.

The show is set in a small town in California, close enough to LA to fill the local kids with wild dreams and delusions of grandeur but far enough that they won’t be able to make it there without stealing their parents’ car. There’s a clear divide between the local working- class citizens and the higher-earning commuters who occupy Elysian Heights, a slick new- build community overlooking the rest of the town.

The stories tell of the conflict between fitting in and standing up for yourself; between passion and responsibility; between staying home to catch your favourite TV show and wantonly discharging weapons in the street.

Social Services (Ep1)

It’s just another day in the Lone Wolves’ home — Mich is destroying property in the name of art, Boston is enacting vigilante justice on federal employees and their single dad Ham is trying his best to keep the house in tact. Things only get tougher when Social Services decide to pay a visit.

Can the Wolves convince the inspector that they’re a loving family unit? Will Mich and Boston be forced into a disgustingly Christian foster home? Why don’t you watch the fuckin’ cartoon and find out!

Eye for an Eye (Ep2)

When Mich’s girlfriend dumps him for another guy, Ham decides to teach his kids the most important lesson they’ll ever learn — if someone wrongs you, you wrong ’em right back. No sympathy, no exceptions, no mercy.

Can Ham teach his sons how to be real men? Will Mich find a way to get revenge on his romantic rival? Watch the goddamn cartoon already and find out!

Party (Ep3)

When Melissa announces she’s throwing a sweet beach party, Mich is hell-bent on swiping some booze to impress her and prove himself to the cool kids. Unfortunately, Ham’s dubious parenting techniques make it harder than he originally anticipated…

Will Mich succeed in his quest for inebriation? Will Boston pull off his black ops scorpion-tail manoeuvre? Why don’t you watch the damn cartoon and find out!

Science Fair (Ep4)

When the boys are sorted into different teams for the school science fair, Boston finds unlikely friends in a group of nerds while Mich is once again thrown into conflict with Melissa and the cool kids. As Boston and his new comrades attempt to build a device to expose the world-wide Reptilian conspiracy, Mich desperately tries to outdo the rest of his team and prove once and for all that he doesn’t need their approval.

Will Boston form life-long friendships with his fellow conspiracy theorists? Will Mich harness the power of the potato? Watch the fuckin’ cartoon and find out… before the Reptilians find you.

EXTRAS: The Swear Cut

All the swears from all the episodes.. NWS!


About the Show

Lone Wolves is the brain child of Spin Kick Bros aka Tom Gran and Martin Woolley. We met Tom and Martin having seen Tom’s short ‘Writer’s Block‘ – which we loved for it’s highly graphic style… We piloted two of their ideas as animatics – Lone Wolves and Rajesh Finesse. We loved them both but in the end we had to choose which one we wanted to make a small minis series from and we went for Lone Wolves.

It’s crucial to have your audience engage with and relate to the central characters in a show. Originally, the sons were tragic men in their 30s still living at home. The audience we are targeting on Wildseed Comedy is 15-24 so we re-wrote the scripts making the feral brothers into teens. We loved the result. It gave the Dad (Ham) a much warmer role as a single father (in amongst the punches of course), and it meant that the boys were in the balance rather than lost causes. The show transformed into a really vibrant, if rather edgy, family animated sitcom.

The next challenge was the casting. We were utterly blessed to have Tony Law and Bobby Mair join Kerry Shale as our lead cast – two UK based Canadian comedians who bring all their comedy chops to the finished result.

Production happened over 2015 – and we are delighted by the results. We now have a number of really interesting conversations in progress about how we could grow this show into the full blown series it deserves to be!

About Spin Kick Bros

Spin Kick Bros are Tom Gran & Martin Woolley. 

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Lone Wolves Voice Recording session with Spin Kick Bros

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