September 1, 2015

Launching Phillip Human



What happens when you get 50 YouTubers in a room together?

Tuesday evening, was the location for the unveiling of Phillip Human – the latest YouTube sensation, following in the wake of Zoella, TomSka and others.

So, what does happen when you get 50 vloggers in the one room? It depends on the room to a degree. When the room in question is the Old Operating Theatre in the heart of London, strange dark emotions infuse the proceedings.

The vloggers in question know a thing or two about YouTube, so they were the perfect group to encourage Phillip on his journey into the vlogging world.

After watching Phillips initial vlogs the room exploded in applause and our fledgling YouTube star had arrived.

Here’s what’s happened since

His first vlog quickly racked up the viewing figures – but most-importantly, has received over 221 likes and a deluge of positive feedback.

The press has picked up on this new talent, with Teneighty magazine providing a beautiful write up of the evening.

Horrorcult Films has even written up a review of Phillip’s efforts – which was jolly kind of them.

Popbuzz even went so far as to make Phillip their YouTubber of the Week.

So, all-in-all, Phillip’s introduction to the topsey-turvey world of YouTube has gone swimmingly – let’s hope the trolls don’t dampen his enthusiam.

Good luck Phillip! #PhillipHuman


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