John Hopkins & Joey Page

Creators of Wildseed Studios production for Wildseed Comedy ‘Intergalactic Sausage’

Joey Page Biography

Joey Page has spent the last few years blustering around the comedy circuit, supporting the likes of Josie Long and  Noel Fielding and appearing on shows such as BBC 3’s comedy marathon, Nevermind the Buzzcocks and Noel Fielding’s Luxury comedy.

He is currently driving around the county in a little Ford Fiesta (midnight blue) previewing his new Edinburgh festival show CATASTROPHE PARTY about how he’s been on tele and lives at his Mum’s and is celebrating being in his 10th year as a stand up comedian. 

The idea for Intergalactic Sausage sprung forth from his mind and after some advice from Wildseed Studios he went on the hunt for a writing partner and found…. John Hopkins!

Joey Page's website
John Hopkins Biography

John started his career in Film & TV with an intership with Miramax films, “the job was mainly script reading and writing treatments on them, which was an extraordinary learning curve. From there I went on to become the assistant to the director of production and from there assistant to top film director Iain Softley.” 

After a stream of film & TV production jobs John developed aspirations to become a director, “I bought a camera started trying to making shorts. Being a lover of comedy these naturally became comedy shorts”. When some of these shorts won the BBC new comedy awards he became what he describes as an “accidental comedian” and soon after he was cast in the cult gang show ‘Ealing Live’, produced by Ealing Studios. 

From there John became a regular on the comedy circuit for ten years including various Edinburgh shows including Ealing Live and, with friend Richard Glover, on their own award nominated double act show ‘Hopkins and Glover – The Me Who’.

John is also a veteran of comedy TV shows such as acting in the IT Crowd and the Mighty Boosh plus writing, directing and performing for kids TV show Dick and Dom. John is currently writing and developing kids content for CBBC, BBC learning and BBC Bitesize projects using his comedy writing and directing skills to make education entertaining and accessible. John’s latest project is for his own newly established ‘Big Face’ production company and they have recently delivered a CBBC mini series, The Muckers’ Songs. 

Our Wildseed Comedy series ‘Intergalactic Sausage’ has reignited his passion for performing and John hopes to get back into performing on the comedy circuit soon – watch this space!

John's Website
WATCH: Intergalactic Sausage

John Hopkins and Joey Page with Wildseed Studios for Wildseed Comedy. The full series launches at the end of August 2016.


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