Intergalactic Sausage

Intergalactic Sausage is a fast and very silly sitcom with a big heart about Joey, a young dreamer and his cynical Uncle John who will go to any ridiculous length to stop him achieving those dreams and possibly leave him behind. A nod to one of the creators’ favourite classics, it’s a traditional sitcom with sci-fi twist.

The time is the not too distant future. At some point, while the human race argues about what, if anything, to do about it, climate change goes past the point of no return. Earth is fracked but conditions are ripe for global revolution. The Anonymous Army wage and win an online info-tech war. One result is all coding is declared open source, causing a sudden, exponential leap in technology. Soon space travel is deregulated and a new inhabitable planet is discovered, and named after the Anonymous Army’s leader. Now, anyone with the fare, and willing to risk it, can take a rickety bus into space, to a new hope for mankind, a new world, Glengreenworld.

But its here, at the plug hole to earth, Lichfield Intergalactic Bus station that our heroes struggle… to sell burgers. But Joey dreams of bigger things. If its not girls, fame or the ordinary dreams of a young buffoon that threaten the status quo for Uncle John, those intergalactic buses are a constant reminder for Joey that there is literally another world, opportunity and adventure out there for him. But, has Joey got the courage to ever escape his situation and achieve the greatness he believes is his destiny? Can Uncle John inveigle him to stay? Does, Joey truly believe he can even survive without his Uncle John? Or like the human race’s relationship with the climate change, will they argue about it, until its too late?

JUICENASIA (Episode 1)

This time Joey really is leaving but Uncle John has dowloaded a package that might change both of their destinies. 

Fame (Episode 2)

When a Look Booth is installed next to the Sausage van Joey’s star rises at last but things get out of control.

The Spot (Episode 3)

Joey has met a girl and is going on a date but Uncle John realises he might have the black death.

The Dream (Episode 4)

Joey has a visionary dream that could change the worlds but Uncle John has a different interpretation.

VAN MAN DER VAN (Episode 5)

Uncle John is in training for the manly “Beard of the Year” competition but Joey decides he’s coming too.

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About the Show

We first met comedian Joey Page, and creator and co-star of Intergalactic Sausage after we saw his Edinburgh show and decided that surely this was a surreal vision we should help find a mass audience?

Joey arrived for our meeting with an exercise book full of truly odd little drawings that looked like they had been done by a 6 year old (albeit a very talented one with a taste for the macabre), and laid out his vision for sitcom set in a burger van parked outside a run down space-bus station in a truly crap version of the future.

Joey wanted to create a classic sitcom where a naïve young dreamer just sat watching everyone else getting on buses to follow their dreams, while he did not – for reasons he had not quite worked out yet. We liked the idea, and agreed that

Joey should find himself a writing partner to help turn this ambition into a reality.

Enter brilliant comedy writer and performer John Hopkins who was able to bring all his experience of scripted comedy and began working with Joey to create what became the glorious creation that is Intergalactic Sausage.

As the show developed the figure of Joey’s Uncle John emerged as the equally classic foil for the naïve young dreamer – the old cynic who hides the fact that they are threatened by the dreamer’s optimism by presenting their own defeat as the wisdom of experience. There is a fine tradition of this pairing from Steptoe and Son to Porridge to Only Fools and Horses – and we felt that giving it a sci-fi twist could be really fresh.

After much meeting, story lining and discussion about tone, style, comedy, duration, design, social context, the lessons of history and what we were going to have for lunch – the scripts for 5 episodes were finally to go.

We hired a real burger van, towed it into a warehouse, put up a green screen and then, on five very hot days in July last year – shot five episodes in five days – which is an insane undertaking – especially with the small crew we had.

Comedy is always so hard to judge on the day – especially when you are shooting it because so so many jokes are made or broken in the edit, but I think it would be safe to say we came out of the shoot cautiously optimistic – we knew there was a great show in there – now it was up to us to edit it into its strongest form – which in itself is always matter of opinion!

But hey, if it was easy – everyone would be doing it right?

I won’t take you through the many conversations we had, but suffice to say that we are now extremely happy with the show – both in terms of the comedy, the performances and the overall style of the show.

We now feel we have a show that is really silly, funny but also really poignant after all what is more universal and tragic than trying to find the courage to follows your dreams, even if it means leaving behind the people and places you know?

Welcome to the Intergalactic Sausage – how may we help you?

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