August 30, 2016

Intergalactic Sausage Episode 1 ‘JUICENASIA’ is now live!


It’s arrived! Episode 1 of our brand new show Intergalactic Sausage ‘Juicenasia’ has just gone live on our Wildseed Comedy channel on YouTube. If you are too lazy to head over there, sit back and relax and watch the show right here:

Intergalactic Sausage is a fast and very silly sitcom with a big heart about Joey, a young dreamer and his cynical Uncle John who will go to any ridiculous length to stop him achieving those dreams and possibly leave him behind. In this episode Joey really is leaving but Uncle John has dowloaded a package that might change both of their destinies.

If you enjoy the show, please give our channel a sub and share the show with everyone you know. You get bonus points if you project it onto your neighbours house and host a street party in it’s honour!

Read more about the show’s creators John & Joey.


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