Harry Deansway


Harry Deansway has worked in the comedy industry for 15 years and has the bank balance and hair line to prove it. The former comedy editor of the Guardian Guide and his own nationally distributed comedy magazine The Fix he’s often been critically acclaimed but is yet to be financially rewarded. Notable achievements include having enough money to eat today, being a panellist on Lads Lit a literary review show on the now defunct Loaded TV and interviewing Jimmy Savile. Now focusing on Stand Up he is currently on his third live show which is about his one man battle against success (he’s winning) and all the people he’s fallen out with along the way. He’s also an accomplished filmmaker who recently wrote directed and starred in the cult web-series Shambles

Harry's Website
WATCH: Shambles

Harry Deansway & Wildseed Studios for Wildseed Comedy.

Creative Corner: Interview with Harry Deansway

Get to know the cynical whit of Harry.


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