October 8, 2013

Feedback on submissions so far


Jesse “I thought it might be useful to outline the things we love – and also the things we are being sent that kind of disqualify themselves…”

Anything with a great character at its heart gets us interested – we love to feel the oddness and particularity and depth of a character – whether funny or serious. I guess we got some ideas, particularly in comedy, where you feel the character is really a bit of a bus to carry us between gags/action beats – we’d rather see a character generating and driving situations organically than feel the writer straining for the joke or the event just behind the curtain.

Anything that feels like it hasn’t been seen on TV is also interesting to us – if we are making standard TV pilots – we aren’t really using the freedom that digital spaces gives us to push the envelope and experiment. This might involve a lot of swearing and some full frontal nudity – but it is much more likely to just be a really fresh and brave take on something.

Short films: creator driven we are – art house we are not – and we had a number of lovely submissions for short films that would do great in a film festival but aren’t designed to grow into long running and returnable franchises – whether as book or app or series or… so please don’t stop making short films – we will come to see them and love them – but we feel our job is to grow the entertainment perennials of the future – in new and exciting ways of course.
Preschool ideas – we got quite a few of these and, sorry folks, we love the genre and I am the owner (!) of a number of this audience myself – we are not looking for them for Wildseed!

Sketch comedy: we got sent a lot of sketch comedy ideas – but we are looking for characters who return and who could carry their own show one day. If your sketch show has one character you want to bring back and back that you love – tell us about them instead of the whole pantheon of sketches you’ve got knocking about in your crazed mind!

Educational projects: again, we love the genre but we are an entertainment company, not an entertaining education company. I know, I know – it would be great if the kids loved to chow down on good nourishing educational content after school – but then again – how many of you relax with a spreadsheet after work…? In short – we love it – we see it is important – but it’s not what we do.

Over and out!


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