July 9, 2016

Event round up from The Children’s Media Conference 2016 – Canada


Wildseed Studios MD Miles Bullough along with Head of  Kids for Wildseed Kids, Sarah Mattingleyrecently took part in an expert panel at The Children’s Media Conference 2016. The focus of the panel was Canada – “Find out what Canada wants – and what you can offer in return”.

You can read more about the findings of the panel HERE.


Wildseed Studios’ ‘Countfeit Cat,’ was welcomed by the Canadian audience after the production house secured a partnership. Wildseed were blown away with the strength and depth of talent in Canada and used Vancouver’s 2D animation studio Atomic Cartoons who “just got their style and humour.”

Wildseed’s advice is work hard to get creative alignment from all parties involved from the outset. Aim to have one person who deals with both countries and everyone involved, to ensure that the “vision stays strong”. There’s a whole load of compliance notes, which need careful management. This is why it’s vital to project your vision clearly, from day one.

You can watch our show Counterfeit Cat here.




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