Wildseed recognises the significance of the climate emergency

Here at Wildseed Studios we recognise the severity of the climate and ecological crisis and do everything we can (in incremental steps) in order minimise our impact.

So far we have rolled out the following actions and are endorsing some brilliant companies by:


Switching to Plastic Free Toilet Paper.

We stock our office with Who Gives A Crap toilet paper that comes in plastic-free packaging and who donate 50% of their profits to help build (culturally appropriate) toilets for those in need.


Having Food Waste Collected by the Bio Bee.

We  enlisted the help of the Bio Bee to avoid sending our food waste to landfill where it would create Methane – they collect and process our office food waste and the best bit? The truck runs on biomethane that has been produced by the anaerobic digestion of food waste and sewage from houses in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area.


Avoiding single use Kitchen Roll.

We swapped out reams of blue roll and kitchen roll for fabric kitchen towels that our employees take home to clean on rotation! (which works out roughly as 5x tea towels every 6 weeks)


Avoiding single use plastics/ packaging.

We have a (refilled) water cooler and staff use glasses or their own reusable bottles to refill at the office. We buy as much of our office supplies in bulk and seek package free options to limit the amount of pointless packaging. We use reusable bags when our runners collect supplies from the shops.


Avoiding non-essential travel.

We favour skype/phone meetings over travelling to mitigate carbon emissions.


Encourage Recycling.

We have established clear waste streams with recycling points throughout our offices. And when we use a set we will work with GREENSHOOT to donate it for reuse.


Reducing the use of Paper & Ink.

We only print if we need to and all our paper is 100% post-consumer waste paper & we use white boards as opposed to flip charts to limit paper wastage. We recycle all ink cartridges and are looking into Refill options!


Reducing our Meat/Dairy Intake.

We provide a range of dairy alternatives to encourage less meat/diary consumption.


Encouraging cycling.

We actively offer the Cycle to Work scheme and over half our employees’ cycle to the office.


Reducing File Based Waste.

We actively encourage production to have zero stock waste by being completely file based, eliminating DVD playouts in favour of file transfers and use cloud storage instead of LTO archiving. We use rechargeable batteries where possible and recycle all batteries.


Using Natural Cleaning Products.

Our cleaning products come from the most highly rated ethical source BioD are natural to avoid polluting our waterways.


We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. If you have any suggestions for us – please do get in touch at

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