Diversity and Inclusion

Wildseed Studios – Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Wildseed Studios is an equal opportunity employer.

We celebrate diversity, we cultivate a working environment based on mutual respect, we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all employees and to building a diverse team that reflects the audiences we seek to serve.

All employment decisions are made on the basis of a combination of experience, qualifications, merit and business need.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, age, educational background, disability, or any other applicable characteristics protected by law.

What are our Diversity and Inclusion goals and how do we set about reaching them?

Although we always hire the best people for the job or pick up the best ideas to develop, we always try to ensure that our shortlists are diverse – that the gender split between the creators of shortlisted ideas and between potential employees is as close to 50/50 as possible, and that at least 25% of the people on all our shortlists are BAME.

We actively promote the opportunities that Wildseed offers – in terms of both employment and ideas submissions – to as diverse a constituency as possible and we actively seek out networks that represent people with so-called protected characteristics and try to make them aware of any opportunities that we are offering.

We advertise every job that we offer where practicably possible.

We operate a level playing field when we open our website up to submissions. People submitting ideas do not need to know anyone or have an agent or have any experience in the industry or have a particular level of education – they just have to show a passion for what they are doing, a spark of talent and a willingness to work collaboratively.

We pay our trainees so as not to give an advantage to people who can afford to work for nothing. We limit unpaid work experience opportunities to a maximum of 2 weeks per person with a preference for 1 week placements.

We promote a nurturing, kind and supportive ethos at Wildseed, and we have a zero tolerance policy towards behaviour that we judge to be in conflict with that ethos.

We train people wherever we can, we promote people who show promise and application.

Where we are trying to fill roles or opportunities where there appears to be a lack of diversity in the candidates available then we make a special effort to create a very diverse pool of trainees so that we can contribute to the diversification of the available talent pool for those roles.

Our new offices (as of Sept 2020) have a lift and so, for the first time since we started the company, we are able to consider applications from people with additional mobility needs and we would welcome more applications from people with disabilities.

This is a journey for Wildseed, our aim is to constantly challenge any bias within the company and for diversity and inclusion to be a process of continuous improvement towards meeting and hopefully exceeding the targets we have set ourselves.

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