Counterfeit Cat

The story of an unconventional friendship between a lazy, selfish house cat and an excitable, naive alien with a mysterious destiny and a homemade purple cat suit.

The show is directed by Ben Marsaud whose previous credits include Gumball, and produced by Sarah Mattingley who we stole from Disney (with their blessing!). The show has been designed by an awesome French duo – Antoine Birot and Raphael Chabassol – based on original designs by UK artist Nick Edwards.

The challenge we accepted when making this show was to try and make a storyboard driven show in the UK ( a show where the storyboard artists are part of the core creative team adding jokes and moments of visual comedy from the beginning) as opposed to the more usual UK “script first” approach.

We are thrilled with the work Ben, Sarah and their team have done – employing a UK and a french storyboard team to deliver an incredible show. Don’t let us tell you that it’s fantastic though, you can judge for yourselves on Disney XD (but this is a show we are very proud of)!

Counterfeit Cat is co-produced by Wildseed Kids and Tricon Kids & Family.

Counterfeit Cat Episode Guide

Below you will find a list of all the episodes we have made thus far. 

Bin Juice

After a bin juice accident, Max and Gark are mistaken for a two-headed singing cat and gain adoration from all the humans!

Where Do All The Cat Toys Go?

Max and Gark set out on a quest to find the Cat Toy God and retrieve Max’s favourite toy, Charles Anthony.

Max Vs Machine

Max finds he cannot manipulate the automatic cat feeder the same way he could Betty.

Heart of Garkness

Max and Gark go on a spontaneous adventure in search of Betty’s parcel.

Go Viral

Keen to help Max, Gark uses his powers more than he should until they begin to go out of control.


Max wants to join The Sunshine Circle, a group of cats who lie on warm concrete in the park, but to do so they have to pass a cat initiation test set out by the leader, Ranceford!

Betty Lazer Eyes

Betty’s eyesight leaves Max throwing up after she gives him dog biscuits instead of cat treats! Will he and Gark find a way to fix her eyesight and more importantly get the cat treats they so badly want?!

Furst Born

Max gets jealous of Gark so steals his alien technology to cough up bigger furballs – gross!


Max gets scared of the new neighbourhood dog and manages to jump through a wormhole! Will Gark be able to bring him back to Earth?


Max turns crazy at the full moon, refusing to stop playing with a catnip toy and running away. Gark puts together a search party to bring him home.

Hang in there

Max and Gark mistake a famous poster of a cat for a real animal, and when the poster disintegrates they think the world will end unless they find a replacement.

Wart Attack

Woah, the wart on Betty’s face is actually a bounty hunter called Zaxos who is out to get Gark! Will Max be able to save his best friend?

Nightmare on Cat Mountain

After Max decides he wants a break from Betty, he and Gark end up at a super scary hotel!

Jackson 5

Betty’s first cat returns from the dead following an incident involving a kite, a graveyard and a barrel of nuclear waste

The Scarlet Mark

Max wants to find out who tried to drop a piano on him so he and Gark turn in to detectives!

The Last Yogi Standing

Gark finds an old Yoga DVD featuring Max!

No Pranks Thanks

Max pranks Gark with serious consequences.

The Vet

Max must convince everyone to help him rescue Gark from the vets!

Flea Bag

Max has a secret date lined up for Valentine’s Day.


Gark convinces Max that they should find a boyfriend for Betty.

Staring Dog

Max gets freaked out by Staring Dog

28 Seconds Later

Gark gets sick after eating a hot dog.

The Big One

Gark receives an ominous message, but Max is too busy to help out.

Kitty Latte

A jealous Max is convinced Betty is seeing another cat behind his back.

Fat Cat

Max’s nemesis ‘The Cat Toy God’ enters Max and GRKS Universe to try and fight Max.

Bathtub of Terror

It’s bath night and Max is terrified.

9 Lives

Max panics when he realises he’s already lost 6 of his 9 lives!

Breaking Bread

Max and Gark harness Gark’s laser-toasting powers to make the most delicious bread crumbs in the world.

Fun in the Sun

Betty goes on vacation and leaves Jeanette in charge of Max and Gark.

Sardonians of the Galaxy

Max is pumped for ‘Sportsbowl Sunday’.

Merry Christmax

Max and Gark confront Santa, thinking he’s evil.

Low Resolutions

Betty makes a new year’s resolution and asks Wilma to help her keep it.

Cat Box of Fear

Max tries to avoid Betty so Gark builds a time machine.

Max Me No Questions

Gark receives a helpful box that can answer all of his questions.

Happy Earthday

Max throws a surprise party for Gark to celebrate his first year on Earth and Throckmorton helps plan it.

Zaxos Returns

Betty gets a wart on her nose and Max thinks this means Zaxos is back.

Virtual Insanity

Max and Gark battle in virtual reality, but Max leaves early and Gark tries to keep playing


Max’s birthday arrives and Betty and Gark throw him a party, but he’s disappointed in the outcome.

The Cat Crib

Max and Gark audition for a new reality show.

Lost in Throckmorton

The guys play a board game, but Max and Throckmorton don’t play nicely.



Room of Panic

Room of Panic

Mere Mortals

Gark is a personal trainer to the park animals- preparing them for an intergalatic match

The Garkest Time Line

Gark plays a new game called “Trash Ball” with the park animals.

The Gark Knight Rises

Gark watches a superhero show and mistakes it for a documentary.

Any Takers?

Anton upstages Max with a story about a celebrity dog so Max makes up a story about being abducted by aliens.

I, Maxine

Gark saves Nelson’s life and is hailed as a hero, but Max becomes jealous.

Mirror Mirror

Gark teases Max, who becomes very rattled by his antics.

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