May 9, 2016

Wildseed Studios production Counterfeit Cat is launching on Disney XD Thursday 12th May


The story of an unconventional friendship between a lazy, selfish house cat and an excitable, naive alien with a mysterious destiny and a homemade purple cat suit.

Counterfeit Cat premieres on Disney XD on 12th May 2016 at 4.30pm.

Disney XD is launching its brand new animated comedy series Counterfeit Cat, which follows the adventures of Max and Gark. Gark is not a real cat, he’s a Counterfeit Cat. He’s a small blue alien in a purple cat costume. Max is a real cat: fat, fluffy, yellow and constantly pampered by his elderly rap-battling, kung-fu fighting, cat loving owner Betty. Armed with an array of super-cool powers, a handful of weird and whacky ideas and Gark’s delusional spaceship called Throckmorton, who crash landed into Betty’s laundry room, the intergalactic possibilities are endless for our over-excited alien and reluctant house cat duo.

The voice cast includes Marc Wootton (“Nativity”) as Max, Alex Kelly (“Frankenstein’s Cat”) as Gark and Kayvan Novak (“Fonejacker”) as Betty and Throckmorton. Plus a whole host of other voices including comedian Katherine Ryan as pedigree cat, Ranceford and sweet but not very smart pigeon, Nelson, and Poldark’s Kyle Soller as wisecracking squirrel, The Kid.

Counterfeit Cat is co-produced by Wildseed Kids and Tricon Kids & Family.





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