August 1, 2016

Calling all UK Cosplayers – be a part of the Comic Con 2016 event trailer!

Wildseed Studios has teamed up with MCM London Comic Con to create an exciting ‘feature film’-style trailer to kick off this years event. The world as we know it is about to change forever as aliens invade London on ‘Comic Con’s Darkest Dawn’. Picture the scene as the skies darken above ExCel London and sinister forces approach… the only thing missing, is YOU!
We are looking for 30 cosplayers to star in our trailer. Award Winning young Director Drew Casson and his production crew need 30 of you to star in the trailer, wearing any Cosplay costume you like for a morning’s worth of filming from 10.30 am on August 27th in London. This is a chance for you to be a part of the future history of MCM London Comic Con and have your faces broadcast around the world in a professional sci-fi production.
Places will be given out a strictly first come first served basis so we need you to head to THIS event page and grab one of the 30 free event tickets, after which full details will be sent to you. Before snapping up one of the tickets you must be sure you will:
  • Be available at 10.30am on 27th August for roughly 2-3 hours
  • Come dressed in your favourite character costume – it doesn’t matter which as long as you come dressed to the nines in true Comic Con style!
  • Be happy to let us film you and upload this film online to promote the event

All set? Then grab a ticket:

We’ll see you there!




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