March 13, 2014



We’re back at HQ today after a really good evening yesterday at the Cube Cinema, Bristol (rather conveniently located behind Stoke Croft and 2 minutes from our HQ). For those who missed it, we teamed up with Show Me The Animation for an evening of animation and a meet with creators, particularly animators in Bristol.

After people had been suitably watered with a drink from the friendly bar, we kicked off with a presentation from our founders and directors Miles and Jesse. It’s interesting to observe, however many times I see them deliver this rundown of what we’re up to here at Wildseed, it’s still inspirational: seeing the audience’s reactions, hearing their questions which can be answered in person (rather than by me on Twitter or Facebook which is great, but not the same!) Also noting how our story changes slightly each time – we’re so new still, things are evolving at a rapid pace as we develop and learn about what it is we’re making here, and, each time we start working with a new Wildseed, or bring a new team member into the fold, things shift to accommodate them and their skills and experience are added into the mix. We CAN change like this, it is intentional and therefore our story shifts a bit, because we don’t have any completely rigid structures in place to hold us back.

Long may this unique situation continue!

Next we screened some of our video, just released on to our YouTube channel, and we included a preview of a new Peter’s Place episode by the hugely talented animator/writer/voice artist and Wildseed Nicholas Bowe. You’ll be able to see the whole pilot on our channel in the next few weeks. There were giggles and some applause so we were pleased, and to an extent relieved – it’s always very different suddenly seeing work up on a screen in front of people, it doesn’t matter how many times we watch it over Andy’s shoulder in the office, it’s just not possible to gage whether it works, until it’s up there in its full glory (or otherwise!)

We had a break, people scuttled to the bar and also towards the 3 lists which were ready to be filled with people’s names who wanted to have an individual one-to-one chatter/pitch with either Miles, Jesse or Andy about their ideas for entertainment projects. We got to everyone who wrote their names down, and looking around the intimate, cosy little Cube you could almost see the ideas bouncing off the walls, the enthusiasm of those who came along to make work, was, and always is an inspiration to us. Even if we don’t invest in your idea, at events like these we can offer you advice about making them and hopefully meaningful insights about the industry generally. You get this as part of our community -that’s the deal. Come and join us here.

So it just leaves me to say thank you to everyone who came out on a rather cold Wednesday evening to meet us and share your ideas with us. Thank you to Show Me The Animation for inviting us, The Cube for being splendid hosts

Let’s do it again soon…. perhaps here or here ?

Love from Catherine xx


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