November 22, 2013

The BIG news we unleashed yesterday


London, UK – creator led next gen IP incubator Wildseed Studios announces details of six new pilots including Heather’s American Medicine, created by and starring Michelle Gomez (Green Wing, The Book Group and Bad Education), a new animated sitcom from award-winning animation director Matthew Walker, three animated series from the Spin Kick Bros, and a new show for Funny Women winner, Gabby Best.

Heather’s American Medicine
Heather’s American Medicine features Heather McAfferty, a no-nonsense Scottish Agony Aunt whose mission is to cure America’s woes, one whiplash slap-down at a time. Heather’s American Medicine sees her reply to video problems sent in by troubled Americans struggling with the madness of modern life in the hope that her Medicine will cure rather than kill them. But as Heather says – “if it didn’t taste so bad – it wouldn’t work so good!”.

Wildseed Creative Director Jesse Cleverly said: “We’ve been big fans of Michelle’s work for a long time and are absolutely delighted to be working with her on her new character ‘Heather’. It’s Wildseed’s mission both to discover emerging talent and work with established names like Michelle who are attracted to the creative space we provide to creators to explore their creative ambitions.”

“Working with Wildseed gave me the chance to find my own voice creatively” said Gomez. “Most of your career as an actor you’re trying to tell someone else’s story or convey someone else’s viewpoint or politics but I got the chance to comment on where we are at in society today from my own perspective, uncensored and supported. We were able to create a character who we hope will be able to talk to the people, point out all the ways in which they are so very wrong, and hopefully insult them horribly in the process!”

Lone Wolves, Rajesh Finesse and Buck and Rick
Bristol based animators Tom Gran and Martin Woolley, AKA the Spin Kick Bros fresh from making their first show for Cartoon Hangover in the US, have been signed to Wildseed Studios for three pilots including: Lone Wolves – a sitcom about a family of hard-as-nails bikers trying to live together, Rajesh Finesse – an Anglo-Indian aristo cad getting in and out of scrapes with his gentlemanly English manservant and Buck and Rick – a serialised western-style revenge comedy about improbable twins out to avenge the murder of their mother.

“As soon as we met with Tom and Martin we knew we were in the presence of some serious talent – it’s not every day you come across three fully formed brilliant, irreverent, wicked shows boxed up and ready to go. We didn’t play it cool – we jumped straight in!” said Cleverly, “Adult animation is a massive category globally, and represents a huge untapped opportunity for Wildseed Studios – it is a genre we are determined to unlock in the UK.”

Winner of Funny Women 2012, Gabby Best is developing a new character which will make its Wildseed debut early in 2014. “We’re really attracted to strong, female comedy characters” said Cleverly “and Gabby encapsulates all of that, and more. Since she won Funny Women in 2012 we’ve seen her grow from strength to strength and hope our collaboration can add more fuel to her comedy fire!”

Wildseed Studios has also signed ‘Astronauts’ an animation series based on the acclaimed short from Bristol-
based animation director Matthew Walker. The studios are in advanced discussion with A-list American voice talent and networks to develop Astronauts into an adult animated TV about a mismatched pair of Astronauts on a chaotic spaceship with an incompetent crew and psychotic robot whose “kill instinct”, he constantly reassures the crew, “has been almost completely suppressed”.

Cleverly comments: “We invested in Astronauts after seeing the short film which we loved for the wonderful characters Matthew had created and the potential for expansion is represents.”

All the content Wildseed are creating with these artists will be available to view across their digital platforms in early 2014.

“Our first 6 months has all been about rolling out our proposition to the creative community,” said Miles Bullough, Wildseed Studio’s Managing Director. “We’ve had a really positive response to our offer and now, as well as maintaining the flow of new ideas coming into the Company, we can ramp up our production pipeline and start setting up our distribution channels. It’s going to be a very busy and very exciting second six months for Wildseed.”

Up and running since June, Wildseed Studios is investing in new IP from emerging talent and established creators looking to work in new ways. Wildseed Studios is adopting a portfolio approach to development – investing up to £10,000 into each of 50 new projects over the next 3 years, with follow-on investment available for projects that make a connection with an audience.

Wildseed describes itself as being platform neutral – putting great characters at the heart of everything it does and then distributing projects to the platforms that best suit the idea. “A YouTube Channel will be a big part of what we do” says Bullough, “but we are also working with creators who, for example, want to produce a printed comic first and that is really exciting for us where there are great characters at the heart of the idea”.


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