February 13, 2015

Ten best books on Creativity and all that (part 2)



The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler

I absolutely love the way Vogler connects the ancient traditions of story with modern Hollywood – it makes me feel like a right Shaman!

Story by Robert McKee

The classic in many way – and I have never read it – only been to the actual lectures (twice!) – but I her they are transcribed here. I don’t quite subscribe to McKee’s orthodoxy but it was my first real introduction to the notion of screenwriting as an architectural craft.

Screenwriting 101 by Hulk Crit

Another book on film structure, written from the PoV of Hulk (sort of!) but very good on why stories are important and how to tell them authentically and powerfully.

The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans

Again not really about creativity – but after reading this book and hearing about the way in which films that are now known for a certain performance only turned out that way by accident – I relaxed a lot about casting! So entertaining, so romantic, so insane.

Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins

The father of transmedia storytelling, the prophet of social media fan culture, the Gandalf of MiT – Henry Jenkins is just cool. His book is old now – but that just makes it so much more impressive that he could discern emergent behaviours that now dominate so much of our culture and define the success of media projects every day.


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