August 23, 2017

Slug Riot Composer Search


—-UPDATE 8th November 2017: This position has now been filled. Thank you!—-

We recently posted a shout out for composers to get in touch on Twitter and Facebook and had a really great response but we have now realised that we hadn’t given enough information. We felt the time had come to do a better job of saying what we are after – apologies to everyone for going off half cocked on social!

The show we are looking for music for is called Slug Riot and here it is being announced by Frederator for their upcoming launch:

We’re making 5 x 3 minute shorts. Mike Rosenthal the creator has some really fun and specific references for what he is looking for in the music – so here is a more detailed idea of the show and what we are after:

Slug Riot invents a fake musical genre called Moldcore that thematically runs throughout the show. Stylistically, it reflects noise rock with some garage and punk—overdriven/shoegazey guitars, aggressive drums, structurally erratic, lo-fi production. It is not metal or hard rock. Below are some examples of what the show’s music should lean toward.

I feel the closest show comparison in terms of music is The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Not their use of kitschy sitcom standards and marching band music, but the indie rock appearances. They were fun and simple yet sad and pretty. Here is what I imagine a full episode sounding like, bearing in mind Slug riot is a comedy and the music can’t be too distracting in the background.

Feel-Good Intro—Yuck:

Action Montage—Diarrhea Planet:


Sad Moment—Yuck:

Feel-Good Resolution—Grinning Ghosts:

I feel they all have this early ’90s college rock sound that’s like they’re just kids messing around in their garage. Lo-fi production, few instruments, messy overdriven guitars that can be aggressive but in a fun way, usually not too serious but with a hint of nostalgia, simple drum beat. These songs are obviously not designed for soundtracks, so they’re probably more attention grabbing than what a composer would do, but the ideas are there.


If you have the rights we can license existing music or we can commission original music – we will need a license for worldwide exploitation in all media in perpetuity and we have a budget of around £1,000 for the work just to set expectations.

If any this makes sense to you and you would like to send some references from your own catalogue that you think might work for us then please send an email to:

with, and this is important, a subject line of  “Slug Riot Composer” and links to your music wherever it may be!

Hope that works – many thanks for the interest you have shown already – we can only book one person so please don’t do a lot of spec work.

Generally speaking we are always on the lookout for composers that can bring something really interesting and fresh to our shows. For our show Counterfeit Cat we trawled and trawled the Canadian scene (we had to do the music in Canada for various co-production reasons) for interesting composers because we didn’t want just another TV generic score for the show – we ended up working with Bedtracks who hadn’t done TV series before – they mainly did games and commercials – we were really happy with the results.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Miles Bullough


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