Ralph Kidson

The man, the myth, the beard…

Ralph has been drawing comics as long as he can remember; publishing them himself, selling them at Comic Fairs, contributing to ‘Comix Reader’ and, fortunately for Wildseed, selling his books through comic shops like Gosh in London.

It was at Gosh that Jesse (Wildseed’s Creative Director) spent an entertaining day sitting on the floor, reading indie comics and quizzing the very helpful people working in the store about the UK comic scene.

It was Ralph’s writing as much as his comic-man-ship that stood out. When Jesse phoned him to ask if was interested in working with Wildseed Studios to animate his strips, he said yes. Jesse asked him if comics were his full time thing and paid his bills – Ralph admitted he had to do a series of shitty jobs to pay the bills, ‘that’s where the rage comes from’ he said.

Rage is good when it’s funny, so we’ve so far made 6 minutes of animation based on three of Ralph’s strips: ‘God and Jesus’ where God explains his plans to Jesus for his latest miracle, ‘Animal Job Centre’ where an unemployed squirrel tries to navigate the vagaries of the job market and ‘Serengeti’ where punchy and loutish animals launch into foul-moth tirades against each other at the slightest provocation. 

But watch this space – because we are making more animation right now!

Ralph Kidson in his own words

Watch Ralphie TV

More coming soon!

For now why not check out his inner sanctum on Facebook

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