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Wildseeds take their talents to Edinburgh

We’re pleased (and proud) that comics Gabby Best and Mark Simmons are going to be performing live at the Edinburgh Festival this year. We wanted to take this opportunity to give their shows a little plug to those of you making the fabulous trip there too…. OK, only Gabby is an official Wildseed, but you […]
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The Wildseed Studios Deal

We’d like to start this pretty serious and technical blog post with something fun – a recent compliments slip we received with a signed contract from Wildseed Ralph Kidson: Every now and again we see or hear of discussions taking place about the deal that Wildseed Studios offers to creators whose ideas we invest in. […]
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We’re back at HQ today after a really good evening yesterday at the Cube Cinema, Bristol (rather conveniently located behind Stoke Croft and 2 minutes from our HQ). For those who missed it, we teamed up with Show Me The Animation for an evening of animation and a meet with creators, particularly animators in Bristol.
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Wildseed on the Road

Back from another pair of presentations, this time in Cardiff where we invited people to come and have drink with us and to hear what Wildseed is all about and what we are looking for. We had great turnout at Porters– a perfect venue for what we were trying to do and one that creative […]
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Miles and Jesse comment on new investment

So it seems the Wildseed journey is entering its second phase with the arrival of new investment from the commercial arm of the Welsh broadcaster S4C. (With big thanks due the S4C team for the faith they showed). Does this mean we will be interested in projects from Wales? We were already!
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The next 6 months

Hold on to your seats! Over the next few days we’re going to be making some really exciting announcements, and our FIRST newsletter will be released into cyber space. You can sign-up on the right of this page, and if you don’t like it, you can always unsubscribe. We’ve made a promise on social media, […]
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Wildseed in the Press

Great first week out in the open after Wired ran the story of what we are doing on Monday. So cool that they ran it first, really set the tone of what we want to be – creative, digital, techie … Lots of ideas flooding into the inbox and people signing up for our newsletter, Facebook Page and @wildseedstudios twitter feed.
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Creative Submissions

Want to send us an idea? You can check the latest Submission status here:

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Slug Riot Composer Search

We recently posted a shout out for composers to get in touch on Twitter and Facebook and had a really great response but we have now realised that we hadn’t given enough information. We felt the tim…
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In search of the British animated sitcom

By Jesse Cleverly: At Wildseed we’re determined to have a tilt at cracking the animated British Sitcom. I had a go in the 90’s when I Executive Produced Carl Gorham’s ‘Stressed Eric’ with Ab…
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Launching Phillip Human

LAUNCHING PHILLIP | A VLOGGER IS BORN What happens when you get 50 YouTubers in a room together? Tuesday evening, was the location for the unveiling of Phillip Human – the latest YouTube sensati…
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A guide to YouTube cards

A Guide to YouTube Cards YouTube isn’t the most subtle of platforms. Sometimes you’ve got to slap the viewer in the face with signposts about how you want them to interact. It’s tric…
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Why we do this

As the Summer approaches and we at Wildseed watch everyone else go on holiday while we continue to slave away (not really!) I thought it might be a good time to review why we do what we do at Wildseed…
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4K-ing Hell

Disclaimer: For the sake of this article and making the numbers slightly less mind-bending, I’m going to refer to all QHD, UHD and C4K (anything above 1080p really) resolutions as 4K, which is kind …
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