September 5, 2014

Farewell Wildseed! From Catherine the Community Manager


So the time has come! After a wonderful 12 months at Wildseed Studios, I am leaving the streets of Bristol for the hot cobbles of Seville.

It’s been a totally wild adventure here: packed full of creative challenges, surreal sci-fi sets, moving moments at our events and a lorryload of learning every single day. But it goes without saying really, that the most brilliant thing of all in a community manager job is meeting all of our wonderful Wildseed community: some of you just for a virtual chitchat, some of you face to face at our workshops and some of you I saw from afar – making connections, deep in conversation with other creatives at our other events. Thank you – I loved it!

I took a moment today to swish through the photos on my phone, and the Wildseed Community story was right there, staring me in the face in full technicolour. So I’ll save you my old-fashioned highlights in text form (as I first planned to do) – and I’ll leave you with the gallery below of our best Community bits from our first year….


A rather fabulous marketing manager is going to be talking to you all soon, on here, here and here. Make sure you give ’em a nice welcome….. see you in cyberspace Wildseed! Thanks for having me.

Catherine xx


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