February 6, 2015

Ten best books on Creativity and all that (part 1)



Impro Keith Johnstone

Yes a brilliant account of improvisational theatre practice – but more than that it is a guide to getting your imagination free, powerful and joyful!

Blink Malcom Gladwell

Not a book about creativity per se – but a great defence against post inspiration doubt.

Save the Cat Blake Snyder

A really great no nonseense guide to film structure. I especially like the way he talks about what pitching is for really.

The Nine Character Types by Laurie Hitzler

These books represent Laurie’s life work. Laurie has done events for us – and we use her character system all the time. The books are sold individually on-line only via her site. Not the cheapest – but for us one of the most useful!

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

A brilliant, entertaining, hugely elucidating guide to visual storytelling. Unparalleled in my view.


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